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Understanding the Impact of Petrodollars

Petrodollars refer to the revenues earned by oil-exporting countries through the sale of petroleum. These revenues are typically denominated in U.S. dollars, as oil is predominantly traded in this currency

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Financial Contagion
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Understanding Financial Contagion

Financial contagion refers to the spread of financial distress, shocks, or disruptions from one market or institution to others. It is characterized by the rapid transmission of negative economic events, such as a crisis or downturn, across interconnected financial systems

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Quantity Theory of Money
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Understanding the Quantity Theory of Money

The quantity theory of money is a fundamental concept in the field of international economics. It posits that the general price level in an economy is directly influenced by the supply of money circulating within that economy

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Understanding De-Dollarization

De-dollarization is a multifaceted phenomenon characterized by a decrease in the use of the USD as a medium of exchange, unit of account, and store of value in international transactions

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