Interest Rate Probability Tracker

Displays the probability of each central bank hiking/cutting their interest rates at the next meeting. Calculated by tracking futures market (STIR) price movements.

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FX market movements are fundamentally driven by interest rate expectations.

Imagine knowing the market has fully priced in a 0.25% interest rate hike from the Fed at its next meeting. This gives you valuable context for all future breaking news.

Any talk relating to a 0.25% hike is already priced in and will not trigger a market move. Anything indicating a different change will trigger a move as traders rush to price it in. You can profit from these moves.

Our proprietary model tracks futures market prices and extrapolates the current probabilities as those prices and probabilities change.

The model then produces a reading which is displayed via our indicator. Calculations are monitored daily by our team of analysts for accuracy.

Our intuitive indicator uses simple language so you can quickly see the next rate move the market is currently pricing in. Our model tracks the eight major central banks and updates its reading through every trading day.

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