Trades We’re Focused On This Week

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

The week ahead will see a very light economic calendar, with the only tier one event being the up and coming RBNZ meeting.

Markets are looking for some economic upgrades from the bank, but the majority of participants deem this meeting too soon for the bank to start committing to tighter monetary policy, which could see a more muted reaction from the market.

Thus, we have taken the opportunity to review the fundamental and technical outlook for a couple of trades and opportunities that we are focused on.

Below is a list of the assets that we’ll be looking at for potential trading opportunities:

EURGBP (Bearish Bias)
GBPJPY (Bullish Bias)
USDJPY (Bullish Bias)
WTI (Bullish Bias)
GOLD (Bearish Bias)
AUDUSD (Bullish Bias)

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