We’re currently growing our business and looking for the best people to help us reach our goals.

We’re looking for anyone that has experience, skills or a passion for the following types of role:

Customer acquisition – We need people that understand trading and proven customer acquisition techniques to help us grow our user base.

Key skills required:

  • Value proposition style copywriting
  • Ad copy and landing page design
  • Understanding of online advertising platforms
  • Experience with automated sales funnels
Sales and conversions – We need people that understand trading and proven selling methods to help us optimise our sales processes and build new promotion campaigns.

Key skills required:

  • Direct response copy writing
  • Ability to design regular sales promotions for our audience
  • Creation, management and optimisation of core product sales funnels
  • Ability to present sales videos and live presentations (Face to camera and screen cast)
Product development – We need people that understand trading and proven product development procedures to help us build and improve high quality products.

Key skills required:

  • Customer journey optimisation (conversion and retention)
  • Data analysis
Business operations – We need people that understand online working to help us improve and manage our business systems.

Key skills required:

  • Strong organisation, team leadership and decision making
  • Deep understanding of online business systems and automation
  • Reduce operational costs while sustaining revenue growth
  • Problem solving all operational aspects of the business

Our team works fully remotely, and we rely on everyone to work autonomously and be able to solve problems effectively. Team communication is also vital to ensure a smooth operation.

If you’re passionate about our products and think you can help us grow, contact us via email and answer the following questions:

What is the number one reason you’re interested in working with us?

What core competence(s) do you believe you possess that could help us grow?

What is your preferred role with us?

What is your required starting salary?

Based on your ideal role, what would your process be for helping us grow our business?

Please include any website links that demonstrate your skills/competencies.

Please send your email to partners@financialsource.co

Please answer the questions above on a PDF document and attach to the email.

We will reply within 48 hours to acknowledge your correspondence.