What Is Mobile Forex Trading?

Mobile forex trading has given traders more freedom and flexibility to be able to trade on the go using a smartphone or tablet.
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What is mobile forex trading|
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Since the existence of smartphones and tablets, mobile forex trading has been possible.

Before smartphones, trading required you to stuck at your computer without being able to leave for long periods of time.

Mobile forex trading has given traders more freedom and flexibility to be able to trade on the go.

As long as you have a mobile device, a stable internet connection and a mobile trading platform installed you are ready to go.

Trading Forex From Your Mobile Device

Since 2016 mobile trading has grown in popularity and more smartphones are now supported.

There are two main mobile operating systems for mobile devices, these are Android and iOs (iPhone’s OS).

Each operating system provides a market place where you can download mobile applications.

Most forex brokers now provide their own applications to download and trade using their platform.

Mobile forex trading has many benefits;

  • Efficiency – Managed your trades from one single app.
  • Freedom – Trade on the go, no longer tied to your desk.
  • Safe & secure – Trading apps have encrypted firewalls to protect your account.
  • Professional support – Receive updates about the markets wherever you are.

Mobile Forex Trading Platforms

As mentioned, mobile forex trading platforms are now offered by almost every major forex broker.

It will depend on your broker which platform will be offered, two of the main platforms offered

are MT4 and cTrader.

MT4 can be download on to your mobile device either separately or through your broker.

Android users can download Meta Trader 4 and 5 here.

iOS mobile users can download Meta Trader 4 and 5 here.

Ctrader is now also offered directly from a variety of brokers for both android and iOS.

When looking for a forex broker to trade on your mobile device you should make sure that they offer everything that you need.

Features to look for are:

  • live streaming quotes.
  • live news feeds.
  • real-time charting.
  • Indicators.
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