Welcome To Our Economic Calendar Analysis

Welcome to our economic calendar analysis page. Watch the welcome video to learn more about how it works. Then scroll down the page to watch our most recent economic calendar analysis.
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Hi, my name is Arno and I am the senior commentary analyst here at Financial Source.

Now every week, prior to the Monday open, we record a trading plan for the week’s biggest upcoming economic calendar releases.

If you want an example of a few of these buys videos just scroll down this page to see them.

Now what you’ll get from these videos is you will know which events you can safely ignore for that upcoming week and which events are live for trading. Now for all of the live trading events, we usually provide a step-by-step walkthrough of how you should be looking to trade that specific event or events.

Now, this step-by-step guide will include a full-scenario analysis of how to trade the various possible versions of that event. Now this will give you a clear trading plan for the economic calendar each and every single week.

If you’d like to access this, please bookmark this page and check it out every Monday. You might also be interested in our main product, which is the Financial Source Terminal, which is specifically designed to help traders understand and trade Forex news events.

If you want more information on that, click on the logo at the top of this page to learn more about how Financial Source can help you to improve your news trading skills.

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