We asked our trading clients one simple question…

“What’s the biggest benefit that you get from the Financial Source Trading Terminal?”

Scroll down to watch their replies:

CHRIS, Philippines

Chris has been trading since 2005. He has managed money professionally and is now retired in the Philippines. He trades his own money from home but uses Financial Source every day to keep him tuned into market moving opportunities. Play the video to understand why professional traders like Chris value news and fundamental analysis.

JON, Australia

Jon is a private trader that works from his home in western Australia. He understands the value of fundamental analysis. The biggest problem that Financial Source solves for him is that it keeps him constantly tuned into the market.The edge this gives him has made a real impact on his trading profits. Watch his reason for using Financial Source below.

ANDREW, Australia

Andrew trades from home in Australia. He highlights several elements that give him the most value.  The first is how it consolidates everything into one place. This saves him time and shortens his research time. He also uses our market insights section every day.

These help him to find high probability trading opportunities.

ALAN, United Kingdom

Alan had only been trading for 72 hours when he found Financial Source! He instantly recognised the value of the information inside the Terminal. He could see prices moving as a direct response to the breaking news and analysis. He committed to our service for 12 months and is enjoying the learning process. Listen to Alans experience with Financial Source below.

BRIAN, United States

Brian takes long term currency trading positions. He uses Financial Source every day to filter all of the available news into the most important, actionable trading ides.  The biggest benefit for him is the huge amount of time it saves him from doing it all himself. Our analyst team and data providers ensure we cover every piece of information, around the clock. Watch his video below for more…

SERHIY, United States

Serhiy is a part time trader from the US. The value he gets from our research and analysis is proven to him.The biggest advantage for him is the audio squawk feature. This keeps him alerted to major market moves when he’s not watching the screens.In the video below you can hear from Serhiy himself on why he values Financial Source so highly.

AKIRA, Japan

Akira is an experienced retail trader from Japan. He started using Financial Source in 2019 and finds great value in the daily market research. Those posts contain everything that happened in the previous session and get you instantly up to speed with what’s moving the markets. Watch his video to understand why he became one of our subscribers.

JAMIE, South Africa

Jamie is a day trader from South Africa. He uses the terminal every day to find high quality trading opportunities. His favourite feature of Financial Source is our daily sentiment updates. They help him generate clear trade ideas for each major session. All he has to do is focus on executing the trade and managing his position. Jamie gives a comprehensive walk through of all of his favourite features in the video below…