Trading Strategies

The Fate For The CAD Lies With OPEC’s Meeting

This week a lot of focus will be on Oil markets with the upcoming OPEC+ meeting scheduled for Thursday 9 April. The outcome of this meeting will have short and medium-term repercussions for the CAD.

The USD Dilemma: Will Safe-Haven Flows Or Bad Data Prevail

This week the USD faces a bit of a dilemma in terms of its current drivers. On the one end general short-term ease in markets means data should drive it lower, but the threat of further safe-haven inflows remains a possibility.

EUR Faces Much More Than Bad Data This Week

With Italy being the new epicenter of the Coronavirus the focus for the EUR will be on much more than just the important forward-looking economic data points this week.

What Will The Fed Do This Week?

The big question for the market this week is whether the Fed will over-deliver or under-deliver at their upcoming meeting this week. Either way, expect big moves across asset classes with this event.



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