Check out some case studies below to see how traders like you are benefitting from Financial Source.

Stephen – Student/Retail Trader - Guatemala

Stephen is a Dutch finance student living and studying in Guatemala. He is new to trading and could immediately feel the benefit of trading with us. In the video, Stephen explains how Financial Source has taken his trading to the next level.

Chris – Professional Trader - Philippines

Chris is a money manager living in the Philippines. He also trades his own money from home and uses Financial Source every day to keep him tuned into market moving opportunities. In the video, Chris explains how our service helps him stay ahead of the markets.

Alan – Beginner Trader - UK

Alan discovered Financial Source at the very beginning of his trading journey. He could see prices moving as a direct response to the breaking news and analysis. Watch the video as he explains why he decided to become a long-term subscriber to our service.

Brian – Part Time Trader - US

Brian takes long term currency trading positions. Our service helps him gather all the research and turn them into actionable trade ideas. He explains how we help him find the best trades every week.