Global regulations are getting stricter. Your brokerage has an urgent need to provide your clients with genuine value. 

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What is Financial Source?

We’re a team of professional currency analysts. We’re also the only professional news and research service to provide education for retail traders.86% of institutional traders incorporate fundamental analysis in their trading process. We believe that more retail traders can succeed if they use the same edge.

We simplify the concept and help people understand why currency prices move. This results in more confident trading and consistent results.

Our core product is the Financial Source Trading Terminal. It’s a cloud-based application that is accessible from anywhere. It contains, breaking news, research and analysis.

Our subscribers include hedge funds, investment banks and prop firms. We provide training and education to help retail traders understand how the markets move. They can then extract the same value from our service as the pros.

How we help brokers retain more clients

All of our content can be white-labeled and broken down into individual components.

Perhaps, you’re looking for trading signals that your new clients can use to give their trading a boost. Maybe, you want something in depth and comprehensive to attract and retain higher net worth, professional trading clients.

Or, you might be looking for branded education that will keep your retail audience engaged and trading consistently.

Financial Source is a professional news and research service that caters to the average retail investor.

We help people bridge the gap and trade with a genuine edge. Brokers can connect to our content via APIs, White labels or even direct marketing. We understand that most brokers are looking for a complete ‘turn-key’ solution that they can just ‘plug and play’.

We strive to deliver the content you need as quickly as possible. We work with brokers, large and small, to help them deliver more value to their trading clients and grow their business.


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