Our broker partner programme helps brokerage owners deliver huge value to their clients in a cost-effective manner.

What We Do

If you operate an FX broker, we allow you to give your clients free access to the Financial Source Terminal.

This gives your clients actionable trade ideas and a deeper understanding of how to navigate the markets.

They trade more confidently for longer. You enjoy a much more stable client base.

It’s a simple, turnkey way to give more value to your trading clients without building and maintaining your own products.

How It Works

You decide which clients you want to try and help with their trading results. You also let us know how long you would like your clients to have access for.

We then create free accounts for each client, and send their log in details by email. They simply open the email and click through to log in.

We charge you a drastically reduced rate for each client’s access period. This makes it an affordable way to generate high value.

Our team will invoice you every month based on how many clients you have given access to.

The entire process can be fully automated, so you can focus on growing your business.

Click the button below to become a Financial Source broker partner. You’ll receive an email within 5 minutes with all the details.