Additional Sources For Learning Fundamental Analysis

This video provides a couple of books and sources for additional learning materials for fundamental analysis.
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We just have a question here from Alex, who’s asking whether we can recommend any books or any additional sources that you can use to try and learn a little bit more about the fundamentals. So thanks for the question, Alex.

There’s actually a couple of sources that you can use for learning about the fundamentals. The one thing that is always important to keep in mind is that the theoretical knowledge of the various fundamental aspects don’t always translate necessarily into better trading capabilities.

But it is obviously good to expand your knowledge and knowledge for all of the various fundamental aspects to try and be one step ahead when new information hits the wire so to speak.

So for that I would argue that the best way to learn will be with a hands on approach so for example, when things happen in the market on a daily basis, learning day in and day out as these things happen , as they affect the market on an ongoing basis, I think that will be a far more effective way, of learning the not only the fundamental aspect itself.

But also giving you a more tradable knowledge, if that makes sense from the fundamentals. And that’s why even though most investment bank traders they go through a Degree in economics and finance and what not, most of them will still go through an in house training, an Introduction or induction rather, on how to actually trade with the information that they’ve learned because there is sometimes a disconnect between the theoretical knowledge and the actual application of that knowledge in a trading environment.

So for that reason, I would say a very the very best place to start would just simply be the video library, the video archive, now these videos, these Q&A videos that we’ve done over the last couple of weeks and months. And now that’s great because they usually ask fresh when something has happened or when something is really moving the markets right now. And those times are great to share this type of info on those topics because you have a real a more real time and real life example of it.

So I think this is a good place to start. And then apart from that as you see things unfolding in the live markets on a day to day basis, that’s great opportunities to learn more about those topics. And if the unfolding of course, using that Q&A session as well when you see a video of something happening in the markets just jump onto video commentary, ask a quick question. And we can obviously share some knowledge and insight into that.

But of course, apart from that, there’s other sources that you can use as well that can help you with your fundamental journey. And there’s a couple of books actually that we can highlight. The first one is “Currency Trading And Inter Market Analysis.” You can just basically take a screenshot maybe of this and search for it on Amazon.

The other one that was also quite helpful is “Hedge Fund Market Wizards” and also a great one to read through the other one is “Mastering the credit side of the Market Cycle” from Howard Marks, we also have “Trading in the Zone” Mark Douglas, a little bit more of an older book, but still a great, great read. And then the other one is “The Misbehavior Of Markets” also found this quite helpful now, all of them will touch on various subjects in terms of trading.

So it’s not only the fundamental so to speak, where it will give you a a full of framework to work from in terms of the various aspects for trading so they won’t necessarily teach you economics 101 and these vary on I mean, many online courses that you can sign up for those type of things with this we’ll put it more into a from fundamental knowledge to trading type of aspect.

There’s also more and more universities and other accredited educational institutions that have recently seen the need in the market for this type of market based info and fundamental trading and in recent time we have seen more and more trading and financial market short courses and Diplomas being offered by various institutions. And so that’s also something you can look into, of course, the challenge is you never know whether the info will be any good.

So it might be very basic info and you end up paying money for something that you could have gotten for free, so to speak just from a few Q&A questions as an example. So I really hope that at least set you off on the right track.

That’s a couple of books and that you can look for and I mean you can also Google and just search something like trading and trading in financial markets course or Diploma and you should find many alternative options out there from many institutions that you can use.

But I think if you start with the video library, and use the Q&A section and side with these books, I think that already give you a good base to work from in terms of the of learning more about the about the fundamentals.

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