We’re a team of professional currency analysts and have partnerships with some of the world’s largest financial data providers. We watch every major newswire and study every piece of fundamental analysis and research.

We interpret all of that information into actionable trade ideas. We do this through our text, audio and video commentary. We prepare you for the next big shift in market sentiment so that when you see it you can recognise it and react.

Instead of being caught out by sudden moves, our subscribers understand them and profit from them.

You only need to monitor one trusted source of information around the clock.

We help you understand which news is going to be moving the major currencies and which news is irrelevant and safe to ignore. We also work hard to deliver all breaking news instantly via our audio squawk. If it’s going to move the markets, you’ll hear it first inside our terminal.

Our entire purpose is to help keep your finger on the pulse of the FX markets and understand which way they will be heading next.

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